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Twitter Widget Not Working On Website


Let me know! Will probably have to take the twitter feed off completely - shame as it used to work perfectly!! And wait for 5 min before changing settings again. I agree, the older HTML code widget was easy to set-up and easy to style. navigate here

Get correct results on twitter configurator but after cut and paste code into HTML editor on page creator and publish "Hmm, empty timeline, that's weird". Content from users with protected Tweets are not compatible with any Twitter embedded timeline widgets. Alternative Solutions If you dislike the default options available in the embedded timeline, you may consider one of these solutions: For WordPress WooDojo Plugin. WorldFootprints 2012-10-12 19:58:31 UTC #11 Has anyone found a fix?

Twitter Widget Not Working 2016

From what I understand, Firefox disables javascript so is there anything else I can do? ORIGINAL: Howdy, I cant get the Twitter Widget to display on my site. Nothing shows up.

chosen_silver 2016-01-08 15:34:24 UTC #19 I can hit the widget directly and get the code dump to my screen if I go to the URL directly so there is nothing blocking My developers are pulling their hair out. Choose the type of embedded timeline you’d like and start to configure it: For User Timeline, enter the username of the user whose Tweets you want to display. Twitter Widget No Longer Supported I noticed many professional sites have the same issue so I guess it's just Firefox's setting are almost too secure.

Ron brianmilligan 2013-01-30 16:58:27 UTC #10 Sorry people but I still not getting this widget code to work! Twitter Widget Stopped Working 2016 You'd made a mistake with your script include for widgets.js, your page is trying to load http://prova.gameslook.it/platform.twitter.com/widgets.js, not https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js, so the script isn't loaded Check your template and that should fix cant get it to work. https://twittercommunity.com/t/help-twitter-widget-not-working/18668 Ben gameslookit 2015-12-23 11:54:58 UTC #9 I've tried to add the https part, but the problem persists.This is the code I got from the widget creation page in twitter

https://twittercommunity.com/t/widget-doesnt-work/18674 JayStevesPro 2012-09-28 23:54:18 UTC #8 I'm having the same problem. Twitter Widget Not Working 2016 Noticed that widgets.js doesn't load. Twitter Widget Only Shows Link graphicsamber 2012-10-16 20:55:42 UTC #4 the same thing is happening to me so i would be very grateful if someone could help.

List: Show Tweets from public lists that you own and/or subscribe to.  Search: Display customized search results in real time (perfect for live events, conferences, brands, etc.). http://techese.net/twitter-widget/twitter-widget-pro-not-working.html What happens when an author deletes his or her Tweet?¶ The Twitter widgets JavaScript will not display a fully-rendered Tweet if the Tweet no longer exists on Twitter. gameslookit 2015-12-22 20:52:59 UTC #7 yes sorry, I forgot to mention it. I don´t know if it´s an issue, but in the code: Tweets por @darthvader

I saw what seemed an error for me. Twitter Widget Not Working Android

Twitter logo icon Developers Products Documentation Community Build My apps Join Join Twitter Developer Documentation Docs Twitter for Websites Embed a Single Tweet Embedded Tweet frequently asked questions Products & Services Click Create widget and then copy and paste the code into the HTML of your site. It seemed to be affecting other twitter widgets as well. his comment is here I changed the code "src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" to "src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" (add "https:") and worked fine!

If you are uncertain about the billing of a vendor, polite inquires often get results, even if the result is only to keep them on their toes. Twitter Widget Not Supported Android Rich-text or WYSIWYG editors can misinterpret pasted HTML code, which may interfere with placing a Tweet on your page. Twitter would like you to refer to the timeline display requirements when implementing your own header design.

In the IE dev tools I am not seeing anything that lists resources though chosen_silver 2016-01-08 15:35:30 UTC #20 And in fact...I decided to try Chrome just now and it works

Wish I had heard about it earlier, but I guess I'm out of the loop. Ingriddelvalle 2014-04-02 18:02:26 UTC #14 Como publico mis twits en facebook. CDNTableHockey 2015-12-11 01:39:51 UTC #3 Hi there, An example I can give you is (http://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/) if you scroll down about 1/4 of the way you will see "Tweets by @ctvwinnipeg" on Twitter Timeline Widget Not Working 2016 However, there are other more complicated methods for listing recent tweets that could be in use.

Why would it do this?Tweets by @FoodTools_Inc classgrundy 2014-08-14 04:51:00 UTC #17 A tip that might work for any of you using Chrome with extensions such as 'Do Not Track Me' twit_inetgate 2013-01-28 00:49:40 UTC #9 Thanks @puertoviejosat - yeah, I had figured this out too but failed to update this thread, sorry to everyone affected... any fix? weblink Tweet Limit: To fix the size of a timeline to a preset number of Tweets, use the data-tweet-limit="#" attribute with any value between 1 and 20 Tweets (e.g.

aye yi yi Trying to create my site with Weebly TroyDarnell.com rehmanakbarali 2013-02-28 04:31:50 UTC #6 http://www.urduspoint.com http://www.facebooktopstatus.com ryochiba 2013-02-19 23:09:53 UTC #7 Another alternative to struggling with the default Twitter Our page does not use word press, its developed in dreamweaver 6, pasted the code in, Tweets by @fgeorobinson but all I get is a message saying, Tweets by @fgeorobinson, on Problem was with domain (www.domain.com vs domain.com) CariCreates 2012-09-22 04:03:16 UTC #3 I tried entering my domain both ways, and still have only the "Tweets by" heading showing up - no ShitNiggersSay 2012-09-07 20:31:29 UTC #3 @LaviHendin - If you load that same URL with www (http://www.thememorialsmusic.com/sitetest/default.html) you'll see the widget.

Many thanks! MickeyBurn86 2013-02-23 19:03:40 UTC #12 Same problem, tried it on wix & wordpress set it all up, enter all the different variations of my site address (http:// www. Close Currently available for freelance projects. Any additional help would be most welcome.

Then all of a sudden the scrolling feature didn't work. data-border-color="#cc0000″ Language: The widget language is detected from the page, based on the HTML lang attribute of your content. With a button "Check for tweets". they worked the last time I checked) they don't show at all.When I go to https://twitter.com/about/resources/widgets/widget_profile the preview is working, but when I copy/paste the code into my site it's not

The Old Method You can still embed a timeline for Tweets from an individual user, a user's favorites, Twitter lists, or any search query or hashtag on your site.