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Touch Sensitive Lamps Not Working


The US is one of the few countries that has the third grounding leg on its outlets. ROY R. In the other position, the connections are interchanged. If the lamp is stuck off, there could be a bad connection or bad bulb, or the electronics module is defective. http://techese.net/touch-lamp/touch-sensitive-lamp-not-working.html

These diagrams represent one wiring arrangement. See the section: "True (electronic) 3-way (or more) dimmers" for reasons for thistrue restriction and for more flexible approaches. First bulb blew about 2 years ago. The sensor has three legs going into the board.

Touch Lamp Not Working After Blown Bulb

I have noticed some people posting problems with Fluorescent bulbs not dimming. Your pets may have chewed through the cord, or other cord damage could have occurred that could cause the lamp to fail. Any one of those above should work in this simple circuit.

Fixing my lamp will mean less sleep, and swapping will thwart him for a while so give us back our mornings, but this will annoy my wife who likes her touch One more thing: (Most important!), you won't hear interference FROM the oscillator in the lamp anymore on your radio. I think I'll go with Erika's suggestion of a power strip. Touch Lamp Turns On By Itself However, fuses are usually too slow reacting to stop the THYRISTOR from being damaged by the overcurrent.

Log in to Reply Leave A Reply Cancel ReplyYou must be logged in to post a comment. How To Repair A Touch Sensitive Lamp I will probably replace the whole box as soon as I figure out where to get a deal. Then there is the part about replacing the part with the same part or equivalent and that is possible only when you can identify the markings. http://homeguides.sfgate.com/troubleshoot-touch-lamp-51907.html It was just a cheap five buck lamp, so I'm not quite up to soldering just yet -- I just plugged it into a on/off power strip.

frustrating . 0 Replies parados 1 Reply Sun 31 Dec, 2006 09:08 pm Some information on a touch lamp and how it works... Touch Lamp Control Module It even turns any incandescent light bulb into a three-way bulb by regulating the amount of electricity provided to the bulb. Same result. Works fine in wall outlet in the garage.

How To Repair A Touch Sensitive Lamp

This of course is my exact problem. http://www.repairfaq.org/REPAIR/F_appfaq6.html They also use a cheap method of crimping the wiring together in these lights. Touch Lamp Not Working After Blown Bulb See: the fluorescent lamp information at http://www.misty.com/~don/light.html for a discussion of dimming techniques and details on several relatively simple approaches that may work for your needs.) Installation is generally very straightforward Touch Lamp Sensor After much wasted time trouble shooting, in desperation (and without much hope) I tried a well known branded bulb replacement and - bingo- light now works again perfectly.

Switch the other switch, and you'll find another hot. http://techese.net/touch-lamp/touch-on-off-lamp-not-working.html and also disconnected their relative neutral wires that go to the common neutral bar. Antistatic sprays can also affect the lamps response. Put the switch into the box, and place the cover back on. Touch Lamp Stays On

it should stll just take a reg bulb? Check the lamp’s operation. Maybe a lamp with a manual switch isn't looking so bad now. have a peek here NOTE: some newer touch lamp modules may have an internal soldered-in fuse, so check this is OK with a meter before proceeding.

I'll have to check into replacing that part but for now, I'll keep a tissue nearby and just loosen the bulb to turn it out. Touch Lamp Control Switch All the other switches should be conventional 3-way or 4-way types. At the moment the only way to turn on the lamp is by physically touching it somewhere after power is connected to it.

You may need a bright light or magnifying glass to read it.

Your post was the first I came across when trying to figure this out. I could feel the faint fuzziness of the lamp registering my body's capacitance, but the light was unmoved; it just stayed permanently on. I will try using one of them and see if that helps. Touch Lamp Wiring Diagram Looks like this technology isn't it.

Furniture store actually replaced the entire cabinet. I ordered two types of .22 OHM fusible resistor just in case: armed with this knowledge, Cricklewood electronics sell two low-power 0.22 fusible resistors: Part No.: G0R22 Metal Film Fusible Resistor By placing two contacts very close together, your finger can close the circuit when you touch it.Radio reception - You may have noticed that, when you touch an antenna, the reception Check This Out Also ask other tenants in the building if they have had similar troubles.

Common problems relate to this type of problem - bad connections or brittle wire insulation. yeah but have you actually checked? She has several years of experience in the home-improvement industry, focusing on gardening, and a background in group exercise instruction. She attended Tarrant County College and studied English composition.

Within minutes of being turned on, it starts to cycle through the 3-intensity settings, and then off. Time for me to buy a new lamp. You may have to look a little harder for 4-way switches as well as styles or colors to match your decor as these are not as widely available. Bu özellik şu anda kullanılamıyor.

The circuit is changing the brightness of the lamp by changing the "duty cycle" of the power reaching the bulb. The parts are not expensive (somewhere around $3 or less) however the shipping usually ruins the deal. Yükleniyor... However, these don't always work or you may have a set that doesn't have this feature.

i found a repair part on ebay for $7.50 with free shipping, you can probably find similar ones also. Bought replacement bulbs and no luck - it just stays on. I will change the bulb. Thanks Nov.

Here is part of the problem. Thanks to Cakky_blue, below, who suggested exactly the right fix. Thanks to those who share their expertise freely.