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Touch Light Not Working


I have only known the little IC (chip) or diode get damaged once (see other pictures below), it is nearly always the THYRISTOR/TRIAC. touch touchlamp Share. Use an incandescent light bulb to check the lamp's operation after plugging it back in. I'm blonde, so that doesn't help lol. Source

Lamp blew, replaced it, new lamp always on, return lamp, google. Falsh of light and bulb went out. A: The most common reasons for a blown light bulb include either cheap bulbs, loose connections in the lamp holder, a loose spring loaded connection in the bu... After the fact, One effective way to safeguard the lamps is to have them connected to power through a quality power strip, equipped with a surge protector.

Touch Lamp Not Working After Blown Bulb

I think the newer term for the controlling semi-conductor is a TRIAC, the term THYRISTOR is now going out of use, as they tended to control the current on one direction They are either black, red, white and yellow, or they are black, gray, white and yellow, depending on the manufacturer. 4Wrap a piece of tape around the lamp wire that connects The Better Homes and Garden website also provides a listing of retailers that sell sta... If more than one bulb is burnt out, this may further complicate matters.

I don't know if these things still exist. Power Saving Mode is off, but they still won't come on. Does anyone know about these kind of devices that might be able to shed some 'light' into this strange happening? How To Repair A Touch Sensitive Lamp Absolutly.

You'll need to replace the cord if it's damaged. 2Unplug the touch lamp from the outlet. Touch Lamp Sensor I also found the TRIAC had gone short. But these lamps wont work in outlet in B/Room, or Kitchen, or Living room… WHAT do I change for that? (It really does it’s thing correctly in some of my homes’ http://homeguides.sfgate.com/reset-touch-lamp-40423.html Log in to Reply Leave A Reply Cancel ReplyYou must be logged in to post a comment.

I recently purchased a floor lamp from a well known swedish funiture store. Touch Lamp Control Module This works up to a point, until more than 4-5 bulbs blow out at once, then the remaining ones get too much voltage and blow out too. I havent had a chance to check the voltages at the appartment but would that make a difference? The peak current of that device is 140 AMPS!

Touch Lamp Sensor

Many thanks in advance. After the bulb burnt out, the lamp no longer responded to touch. Touch Lamp Not Working After Blown Bulb EXTRA PICTURES BELOW FROM 2011: To ensure you do not damage the lamp base and stem when drilling out any base cover rivets, invert it and place in a waste bin Touch Lamp Stays On I hate to waste things but what else can I do.

Apparently we need some kind of support group…LOL!!! http://techese.net/touch-lamp/touch-on-off-lamp-not-working.html Previous: Introduction to Remote Sensing Next: Socks are chiral 78 Comments 56 of 68 people learned something from this entry. Defective unit or display unit. The circuit does the rest. Touch Lamp Control Switch

One more thing: (Most important!), you won't hear interference FROM the oscillator in the lamp anymore on your radio. I think I'll go with Erika's suggestion of a power strip. There will probably be a detectable click position with the control set to full brightness if this is present. have a peek here Hi dadpad, yes, i have tested the lamp in all the sockets in the appartment and it does not operate properly on any of them.

Photo Credits George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images Suggest a Correction How to Install a Keyless Lamp Socket How to Fix a Table Lamp That Flickers How to Repair a Three-Way Switch on a Touch Lamp Wiring Diagram She writes mainly home improvement, health and travel articles for various online publications. it has a 10 foot thin wire with the pad on the end.

I just wanted a cool lookin' trouble-free lamp.

There are 120 watt sensors and 150 watt sensors out there. Often the cheesy sockets get water in them and corrode, and/or the wires on the bulb get twisted or broken. Terms and Conditions of using this site | Privacy Policy | Content Policy | Sitemap © 2004 - 2016 Let's Fix It × Login Username Password Remember Me × Register Username Touch Lamp Turns On By Itself Mind you , I live in a 35 year old building.

CAUTION: Note that a dimmer should not be wired to control an outlet since it would be possible to plug a device into the outlet which might be incompatible with the It fried it. Replaced bulb, Touch sensor on back of nightstand wont work .. http://techese.net/touch-lamp/touch-light-lamp-not-working.html This is, (duh!) the 'common' terminal.

A: The amount of watts needed in a lamp will depend on what the lamp is used for. Two parts: 1/4 watt, 1k Ohm resistor and 2.5 mH 1/2 watt size molded coil. The wiring would be as follows: Location 1 Location 2 3-way Dimmer A 3-way Dimmer +---------+ /o----------------------o\ | Lamp | Hot o------o/ Silver 1 Silver 2 \o------| or |-----o Neutral Brass I think that is probably the most logical idea seeing as im beginning to run out of other avenues. 0 Replies Related Topics Recording Detector - Question by gollum

Also there the spare time factor. It is near my stove and if I plug in my coffee pot, then walk across the floor, the vibrations from my walking make the coffee pot turn off and on. Sign in Transcript Statistics 109,577 views 148 Like this video? Loosen the terminal screws, wrap the lamp wires around the terminals and tighten the screws if the wires were loose or disconnected. 10Reassemble the touch lamp and install the light bulb.

Do you think that the difference in air quality has a significant influence into whether the lamp is turned on/off by hand or through no apparent reason? 0 Replies Butrflynet