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Top Button On Iphone 4g Not Working


But if you are worried about getting liquid from the canned air I suggest you just go to someone that has an air compressor with a good air tip and use the plastic disintegrates after 20-30,000 cycles. This is the ground for the Wi-Fi antenna and is often the culprit if you are having bad Wi-Fi reception after reassembly. 21 comments Be careful about the very small spring Phone works fine but what did I do wrong? have a peek at this web-site

The rubber piece is assembled on the logic board underneeth the digiztizer and LCD flex cable. Victor - 11/04/2013 Reply Add a comment Add Comment 1024 Step 19 Edit Carefully remove the logic board from the iPhone, minding any cables that may get caught. It slips over your head and provides 10x magnification. ( You can find them on Amazon). Sorry homeys, hope it's not too hot down there!

Iphone 6 Lock Button Stuck

Thanks for advice. torqvette - July 22 my phone doesnt have a screw that connects the battery to the logic bored...is that a problem? The Apple solution made to me was a $145 dollar service call charge.

Can't find a place for it anywhere!? Note that the reassembly is everything from the screen back to completely reassembled. I got a completely new phone. Iphone 6 Power Button Stuck I am guessing this happened when I disconnected the 3 connectors.

hubafrost - 02/10/2013 Reply Hello, a really pain to replace the front camera retainer. Iphone Power Button Not Working How To Turn On If you make it too big, the lock button will always be pressed so be careful. If this isn't covered by warranty, the next thing I'm gonna do is go and buy a ******* blackberry! go to this web-site stephenthompson - 03/31/2012 Reply I added a bit of rubber (from rubber band) to the bottom of power button and it was enough to make the necessary contact with electronic dome

It seems like perhaps the physical button isn't pushing far enough into the phone to activate the electronic button. Iphone 6 Lock Button Stuck Down seafish46767 - 05/25/2012 Reply hi man the holder will be down and the handle will be up.. The button seemed fine so I blew it with compressed and voila! I have lost mine...

Iphone Power Button Not Working How To Turn On

I plugged it in and immediately the screen displayed a battery with a thin red line (illustrating no charge). Took the phone to apple they said could not be fixed but they could give me a new phone for 119 pounds........ Iphone 6 Lock Button Stuck This is what happened to me. Iphone 4s Power Button Replacement uses a very fine tip screwdriver ubicated after the button below and above the power switch, position the screwdriver and gently press down a little ...

But you are right, this is a very difficult thing to get back in to place." Source: How to put back on front camera retainer? Check This Out It may be helpful to use tweezers to reinstall the front camera retainer. 6 comments This step is completely unnecessary- you don't need to remove the camera if you need to It helps secure the connector once the connector cover is put back during reassembly. Patience is the key to this process. How To Fix Iphone 4 Power Button Without Taking It Apart

IS ANYONE LISTENING? Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Website Powered by WordPress & modded TwentyEleven theme 403. If your power button is broken (and judging by the amount of people that read this article every day, that's a lot of you), and it's not an iPhone 5 eligible Source Before reassembly, clean metal-to-metal contact points with a de-greaser such as windex.

Big impact on daily use. Iphone 6 Power Button Stuck Down But I feared they would go with that card since I read somewhere that apple can refuse warranty if it has marks on it. I think a drop of epoxy on top of the dome would fix the lock button just fine.

Doing so may tear the cable. 2 comments be extremely careful to check that there isnt any metallic conductive glue sticking, some may remain attached to the motherboard-connecter position in its

Remove the rear camera. 3 comments the rear camera has an extra long tab which runs under the digitizer cable - be careful not to bend this while removing the camera. The one that is slightly larger is the bottom screw. Took hours, should have sent phone in. 0 3 years ago Reply Rotten Apples If you're capable with a soldering iron you can in fact just replace the physical button which Iphone 6 Power Button Not Working It only takes a grain of sand, or a burr on the spudger and you're risking a potential cell rupture and potential fire.

Be careful not to lose it. iPhone 4, iOS 4 Posted on Jan 8, 2011 8:51 PM Reply I have this question too Q: iPhone 4 Power Button Stuck Hide Question All replies Helpful answers first Previous For re-assembly having a digital calipers to measure the 2.4 vs the 2.6mm screws also helps greatly. have a peek here Help!

http://i.imgur.com/AQlJS8g.jpg crimney - 10/02/2013 I believe that's the one he's referring to... Glad that i didn't kill the circuit board when i took this out. I guess it shloud als be possible to transplant that cylinder to the new button. 2. That's it, you're done!

Reply ↓ JĂșlio Higa on 25-03-2015 at 03:02 said: Man, thanks for the tip/guide! What have I not done coreectly - or at least what can I check to determine the problem? unjunk - 07/25/2012 Reply I wrote detailed instructions on how to get your power button to CLICK again, based on this great tutorial. And if you're not, follow along anyways and we'll refer you to the professionals that can do the repair for you.

I have removed the back of my iPhone, but I'd like some more information before I remove the logic board and void the warranty. Forums iPhone iPad Mac Apps Games Features Reviews Virtual Reality Help & How To Question & Answer Contests Shop now! If you're up for it, follow along. Start with the right side first, then the bottom and then the top.

kellicaudill - 02/15/2015 Reply Putting the antennae cover back in place is impossible without a good photo. micaela n - 09/20/2013 Reply General guide - Micaela, look at the image in Step 5 of Contact Clip Replacement. Stuck now. The plus is that the AssistiveTouch menu and button won't be present in your screenshot (hence our photographs in this article).

Battery was glued firmly in, so I loosened it from the outside instead of using the plastic pull-tab. This is because part of the camera is actually under the Digitizer and LCD cable. hansiemys - 12/28/2012 Reply After reassembly, when I changed to the front camera, the display got stuck in shutter mode. Removing the metal camera clip is a pain.

As long as it does not "got to sleep" it works perfectly.